A Dream.

In my dreams

You are mine

In my life 

You are just that 

A dream

If wishes were horses i’d own one.That’s what I say to myself when I think about you.Not that it’s the only thing I think about. I have loads.Those that ignite chills.I wish I did not know much about life.I wish i’d choose what I knew.I’d choose not to know you.I’d time travel to that day I saw you.Then,I did not know much,but I knew you were a queen when a saw you.A queen.Why?.You said you’d not look down on people..that the only time you’d do was to help them up.That if you did your CROWN would slip.Remember when we were learning about letters of the alphabet.When C was for Crown*.I hope it still is..but I heard it’s Cat,nowadays. Brieene asked Miss Eddard what a crown was and she said it’s what a queen wears.You are a queen coz a queen wears a crown,like you do.

…like JonSnow I’d choose to know my name.The other thing I’d want to know was my mother.That’s if I knew not.Then I’d later come to know I’m of a loyal family. That my mum was queen.Just like you..only that she had a throne.An IronThrone.Maybe then you and me would be something. Maybe.Maybe we’d last longer.I’m rather certain we would.

The memories we shared.Not that we had lots of them but the bits we do…are a fortune.I saw the end.Before it began.Before we even began.I don’t know how.I’ll let you know when I do though.Now all I do is dream.

In my dreams 

You are mine

In my life

You are just that 

A dream.

* not towards anyone.NB


There is more than meets an eye

There is more than meets an eye…from my perspective I’d say.Life is a teacher.It has taught me.Not Once.I used to love doing Medicine.I dreamt of it.Often.My mum always smiled broadly when I said of my dream.To do Medicine…at that time I knew a doctor was the highest caliber job*leave alone presidency.At that age I knew what I wanted.And how it would come.Though not certain.Thats why its called a dream(not certain).Now here I am..found my way through High School successfully and God gave me It.I thank the almighty.Surely,nothing comes easy.I used to see large books in my town library,asked about them and informed they were medical books.I wondered what is there in one unit to read about..all those pages.Phewks.Now I know.

I would admit at somepoint i felt like droping out.Doing anything…like intracourse transfer…that was only in my first year of study.Then i’d think to myself.How about the rest!How comes they cope!Those who are even in their fourth year!(in my year 1 the first bunch of students were as far as Year 4,why because the course was new in my uni.)

In my week one I met a guy.It hurts to say he motivates me.I know I’m not alone.I heard of sadists before.I never met one.I met one..his name Myles.He used to threaten us that it was an uphill task.He made it even look impossible.The guy has confidence you’d think he is a lecturer..don’t worry who he is though.But he is no lecturer.He is a supersadist.I hated him so I wanted to pass year one to prove him wrong. Luckily I did prove him wrong.So thats why I say he made me pass.

In this,all what I thought would be easy has not changed but my thoughts changed.Its where I’d say no one understands your path until they’ve treaded your path.I had not been there.

Its tough but we fight for survival..I don’t know about other people but this is where you only wish for a pass.Not much.Even the pass doesn’t come easy..especially if your neurophysiology teacher decides the cat to be A WAKE UP CALL,and makes it even linient that it’ll be MCQs…I call them gamble quized coz all of them look true when the question asks for one true option.

There is more than meets an eye.

First blog post


Hi reader,i am Kimani Mucheke Peter.This page will give you ideas,facts and logic about medical stuff and also on issues about life.I am a student of The Maseno University where i pursue an undergraduate course in Medicine and Surgery with IT.Suffice to say i share a vision like most of my friends at medical school to revive the current medical situation in the country(note that this post was written when there was a strike by the doctors demanding a 300% pay rise).

The messages i post are my own thoughts and ideas..feel free to comment or share in a discussion.